Just passed my driving test on my first attempt about 2 days ago and I am just thrilled. Kul is very punctual and reliable when planning your lessons, as well as friendly and will always boost your spirit when you are finding it hard. I recommend kul as the best driving instructor around.

Just passed my driving test on my first attempt about 2 days ago and I am just thrilled. My instructor was very punctual and reliable when planning your lessons, as well as friendly and will always boost your spirit when you are finding it hard. I recommend Kwik-Pass.com as the best driving school around.

Before contacting Kwik-Pass, I had two weeks till taking the actual test, with this in mind my instructor said I would need to take lessons immediately. My instructor worked well under pressure and pushes his student to perform at the best of their ability with reassurance and guidance and speaks very clearly and precise, I would recommend Kwik-Pass.com to new drivers as well as experienced drivers.

I had a great instructor who helped me develop my driving skills and confidence on the road. I genuinely looked forward to my lessons which were fun but more importantly i felt i was learning something new or improving on something I was struggling with. My instructor was patient and ensured I was competent in different areas. His standards are high which meant I was very happy when I got things right. The only thing I didn’t like about him was that he was a boasting Manchester United fan. Other than that, he was a great instructor who helped me pass first time with only one minor!

My instructor was brilliant really down to earth and a great laugh! From the moment I started I felt at ease and his teaching is really effective as I have passed! He was really flexible with lessons and fitted around my work rota. Nothing was too much trouble. My instructor also helped me to pass my theory as well as my practical exam he has a great positive can do attitude. I have no problems in recommending Kwik-pass to others and have friends following in my footstep and also using Kwik-Pass to get them passed and on the road.

I am absolutely happy to have passed my Taxi practical driving test in first attempt. I will like to give full credit to my instructor for this achievement. My instructor handled things professionally. His teaching method was very clear and never made me confused. We had a very good time and I really enjoyed the lessons. I would definitely recommend Kwik-Pass to everybody out there.
K A Dar

Recently passed my test first time with no faults thanks to my driving instructor, who put me through a week’s boot-camp. I had driven before but would have had zero chance of passing without the herculean efforts from my instructor. The Instructor can be patient when you need and it and impatient when you need it. His techniques work well, if the Instructor is happy with the way you drive I don’t think there is an examiner in the Country that won’t be. I’m happy to recommend kwik-pass.com school of motoring to others.

I came to Kwik-Pass looking to receive many lessons in a short period, the instructor I had was brilliant at fitting lessons in around my schedule and a far cheaper option than any expensive intensive course out there. My instructor was great at teaching, professional and a good laugh, always helping to put me at ease. First time pass, what more is there to say?!

I passed my driving test first time as I had an excellent teacher. It was a challenging for me but it all worked out fine in the end. I chose Kwik-Pass.com because I had read the testimonies of others online when I was searching for a good driving instructor. After reading a couple of testimonies, I noticed a consistency in what they all said which that Kwik-Pass.com was the best. I decided to go for Kwik-Pass.com and that was a great choice. From day one I had confidence in my instructor because he was very thorough. It was annoying sometimes but it was all good because it showed me how interested he was in my success. I was always very comfortable around my instructor. My instructor was very professional with me and he taught me very well. He left no stone unturned. In the end, it was a success story for me passing 1st time. I am so grateful to my instructor for his patience, kindness and dedication. I will recommend Kwik-Pass.com Driving School to anyone who wants to learn to drive because they are the best.

When I started taking lessons with Kwik-Pass.com I was extremely nervous. I had lessons with other driving schools and found them not as proffessional and reliable as Kwik-Pass, I felt like I had learnt nothing. My driving instructor made me feel at extreme ease. He would never judge or criticise you for making a mistake but would explain the errors clearly and precisely. They will make sure you are competent and comfortable with every manouvre before moving onto something new. I increased in confidence which is something my previous instructors did not help me build on. I would highly recommend Kwik-Pass.com and passed my driving test within 7 months which is why I trust the name Kwik-Pass.com as it has lived up to its standards. Thank you Kwik-Pass.com for getting me on the road. I could not have done it without you and will definitely be recommending you to all my family and friends.

I went for my driving lesson thinking I will only need about 3 or 4 lessons as I had been driving for 8 years in my country. I went for my first lesson and I saw how wrong I was as I had acquired lots of bad driving habits over the years. My instructor patiently taught me all the necessary skills I needed to know. I always looked forward to my lesson because it was so much fun and my instructor just made it so easy. I used to dread the 3-point turn as I had always been told it’s the most difficult manoeuvre and most learners fail this at the test but my instructor is an excellent teacher. It’s so very easy when you have one of the best instructors training you. I will recommend Kwik-Pass.com to anyone as they have the best instructors.
Olufunke Martins

From the first ten minutes into your first lesson with Kul, you’ll be able to tell that every “i” is being dotted and every “T” crossed. He is very, very thorough in making sure he corrects any mistakes or bad habits in your driving.
I failed my first test 3 years ago, under a different instructor, and had’nt had any lessons since then. I had forgotten everything. I was determined to get the right instructor this time. From the first lesson with Kul i knew i had found the right person. And with less than 30 lessons, i took my test with confidence and passed, as expected.
Whilst being very thorough, Kul makes you feel comfortable and relaxed during lessons – there’s still room to chat, but your eye is never off the ball.
If you want to walk into the test centre with confidence and leave with your new driving licence, then Kul’s your man – definitely.

Oputa Ossai

In one word – SUPERB. Kul was very patient and supportive. Made learning fun. One of the friendliest men I have ever met. His intensive course helped me pass my driving test in first go. With a very high pass rate as well as Very interactive and interesting way of passing the required knowledge for a successful driving test. Due to his tailored teaching style, I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you Kul. Thank you very much indeed.

Learning to drive with Kwik-Pass was a great experience. Kul made me feel at ease and lessons with him were very enjoyable. As someone who believed that they would never drive his support and patience got me through and i passed first time!! So thank you very much Kul

I never knew I could do it at the first attempt, but thanks to the perfect teacher KUL, I came out tops .KUL not only teaches you how to drive, he gives you confidence. I would recommend you; as a matter of fact I have run out of your business card already. Thanks for making it possible for me to pass first time
Michael Sowonola

Best instructor around town! Kul is definitely the most knowledgeable, reliable, friendly and FUN instructor; lessons are very enjoyable. I’ve been with a few instructors before Kul and they were terrible; boring and didn’t plan lessons very well; this included some of the big driving schools. But with Kul lessons are well organized and planned out to help you learn quick and past ‘Kwik’. I highly recommend Kwik-Pass to everyone aiming for a ‘Kwik’ pass. Many Thanks!

Great instructors, Great driving, Great experience. Certainly well worth my time and money. I highly recommend Kwik-Pass.com to anybody out there. Thanks

Kul is most definitely, “THE BEST”, driving instructor around. Not only is he a laugh and enjoyable to learn with, but his excellent teaching skills and techniques in teaching boost your confidence to learn to drive safer and enjoyably. I had learnt with some so called cheap and cheerful instructors ‘before’ I met KUL, but it was a waste of my money and time, whereas I learned how to drive sooner and better with KUL and PASSED!!!..TAKE MY WORD, LOOK NO FURTHER, AND BOOK KWIK PASS NOW!!

Excellent instruction, fun to learn with, the best driving instructor ever had!

Kul is very down to earth and jovial which is reflected through his teaching style. He is also patient and lets his student feel at ease while giving the best direction in order to learn according to the individual. I was studying at university and also had a baby to care for and was very flexible to allocate suitable times for me to have lessons. I definitely recommend Kwik-Pass.com

Kul is an excellent instructor, who enabled me to pass my driving test first time! I also did the Pass Plus course with him and he helped me boost my confidence as a new driver. I would definitely recommend Kwik-Pass.com.

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