Before you start your driving lessons you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be at least 17 years old.
  • You must have a provisional license (if you do not have a provisional license, you can obtain one from the DVLA. You need to complete the application form, which can be obtained from your local post office or use the link below).
  • You must have good enough eyesight to be able to read a car number plate from 20 metres.

Click here to apply online for a provisional driving licence

You are bound to be a little nervous if you’ve never driven before, but rest assured as lessons from Kwik-Pass.com are taught in a calm, friendly and professional environment..

All lessons are carried out on a one to one basis with no other person in the car unless by prior arrangement with the pupil. Lessons range from 1-2 hours in length. We pick you up from home unless arranged otherwise arranged prior the lesson.

Lessons will be conducted in accordance with the ability of the pupil.

Here is a list of what we teach in our practical lessons:

  • Cockpit Drill.
  • Moving Off & Stopping.
  • Gear Changing.
  • Clutch Control.
  • Hill Starts UP/DOWN.
  • Move Off at an Angle.
  • Turn Left Major to Minor.
  • Turn Right Major to Minor.
  • Emerging Left.
  • Emerging Right.
  • Crossroads (marked).
  • Crossroads (unmarked).
  • Emergency STOP.
  • Left Reverse.
  • Right Reverse.
  • Turn in the Road.
  • Reverse Park.
  • Reverse Bay Park.
  • Pedestrian Crossings.
  • Meeting Approaching Traffic.
  • Crossing Approaching Traffic.
  • Overtaking.
  • Roundabouts.
  • Complex Junctions.
  • Dual Carriageways.
  • Motorways.

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